For this coming event we will focus on self care and the importance of doing something nice for one's self. Examples adorning yourself in beautiful clothing , taking time to have a skin care routine, working out to feel and look good, hair care, meditation etc We sometimes over look the importance and power of self care, especially when done with intention.. t's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary. How we care for ourselves gives our brain messages that shape our self-worth so we must care for ourselves in every way, every day.


Siwe Dlamini- Siwe Dlamini is a qualified personal trainer and exercise specialist. Her brand is called 'Body With Siwe'. Currently she is operating within the Virgin Active Kings Park gym offering her services as a personal trainer. As an advocate for overall health and wellness, her approach is a very holistic one. Fitness is only one aspect of our health and wellness, we believe we should prioritize our physical health, mental health and everything in between. We are passionate about changing people's lives, by being a positive influence on how they view their bodies and I hope to one day be confident in having made a unique and sustainable impact within the fitness industry.

Neevan Daniels Bullyraj- Educator majoring in English and Business management

Furthering in a honours degree majoring in language and media studies

Neevan feels that we live in a world that can be shaped and moved through only education and empowerment. Our mind is a canvas that society shapes, how we choose to project our knowledge is a choice we make.

He strongly believes that we are an expression of our inner voices hence he has been a choreographer for over 10 years, healing and expressing himse;f through dance and liberation.

Lately Neevan has found himself investing a great amount of time in empowering the inner feminist within himself, in doing so, has joined forces with the I AM WARRIOR magazine, building a platform for liberating the voices of women.

Neevan Daniel Bullyraj is also the owner and founder of Queen B- Bridal styling, where he maintains that every lady is a queen and deserves to feel the magic of self care and adornment. Make up is another form of expression that allows an escape for not only himself, but for many ladies, globally.

He is a guy with a vision, a vision of change and a vision of a better society.

Monique Fleming- It wasn’t her first breast-cancer diagnosis that brought Monique to this work ... or even the second. Even though she’d been deeply moved by her first exposure to Dr Joe – in the doc and heaalinghumentary Heal – she hesitated. Healing herself seemed a lot harder than sitting through a chemo treatment. “There were several events that led me to testing the ‘Dispenza waters,’” Monique says now, looking back. “I was just dipping a toe in every now and again; not really jumping in.” But when a scan showed stage-four metastatic cancer – despite two prior rounds of aggressive radiation and chemotherapy – Monique knew it was time to try something different. She stopped testing the waters … and jumped into the deep. Through meditation work she has discovered a better way to live.

Aimee Joshua- Aimee's Joshua's motto of life in one sentence is, "To see people whole at ALL cost ‘.

Her love for life involves motivational speak, working with the community and being at Church. She believes that human touch is a strong medium for healing .Her home until 2018 was the USA and having lived in within these dual culture she has been exposed to seeing life from multiple perspectives.

She is currently a divorcee after 20 years of marriage without any children, her selfcare journey is quite remarkable. Through massage therapy she has learnt and utilized the art of selfcare to overcome the trauma of an unsuccessful marriage and crippling depression.

Join us:

DATE: Friday 8th of April 2022



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