Durban, South Africa

A former Durban mayor estate and premier pop-up destination, 129 on Lambert, will open its doors to celebrate International Women's Day. The theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias. As part of this campaign, 129 on Lambert is collaborating with Royal Women in Coffee Global to open an equal online ZOOM table for networking women everywhere on 08 March 2022 at 6pm (SAST).

Through the trailblazing women network, trailblazers from all over the world will be connected. A panel of South African business leaders, champions within their own fields, will deliver a discussion like no other! Adelaide Joshua-Hill, Farzana Mayet, Jayshree Parasuramen, Louise Maxwell, Cynthia Robbins, Vuyisa Kona, Jennifer White, Eleanor Lintletse Khoapa and Lindsey Kin brings to the table a wealth of national and international knowledge and are ready to inspire and #BreakTheBias!

JAYSHREE PARASURAMEN: Radio and theatre personality breaking barriers for females across South Africa. Jayshree Parasuramen is set to host the biggest Women Empowered Car Show in South Africa, Heels and Weels and will share her journey as well as overcoming obstacles in a male-dominated industry. Her long-standing love for the spotlight started at the tender age of 5 years old. Her professional career began whilst in high school involved in professional productions at the University of Durban Westville and Volkswagen Music Active, which went international. This vivacious young actress was then headhunted for her talents by Internationally renowned and award winning artist Dr.Ronnie Govender. The two forged incredible theatre reputations, as Jayshree went on to act, produce, script write and manage whole productions. She moved on to become part of the Durban’s Playhouse Theatre Company, actor’s studio, whereby she was a resident actress, head writer and dramaturge. A milestone achievement, which did exceptionally well and was sold out for the entirety of its run through its KZN Provincial tour, My Body and I. She has written numerous plays and performed in hundreds more, including the Sound of Music. She wrote Chatsworth, a monologue, which went on a national tour. Jayshree was then headhunted by East Coast Radio (2016) and was named the official host in the late night shows. She later joined the breakfast team (2017), thereafter promoted to being the head of traffic and weekend presenter with her own show between 2am and 6am on a Saturday morning. Amongst her, many accolades Jayshree was nominated for yet another prestigious award, in the category of Best Traffic Reporter at the National Liberty Radio Awards for the second year in a row.

ADELAIDE JOSHUA-HILL: Adelaide Joshua-Hill’s passion in life is creativity, storytelling, and developing people and companies to their full potential; and in her role as Executive producer at Urban Brew Studios she is able to bring her passion to life. Her aim is to always create an environment where people can give of their best and enjoy being there, what she has gained from her studies, along with her work and life experience, has equipped her for success in her role. After studying Speech and Drama at Natal Technikon and graduating with a diploma in 1995, Adelaide spent her first years out of university working with children. In 2009 she joined Urban Brew Studios and started working on YOTV, a children’s television bouquet produced for the national broadcaster. From there she moved up from producer to executive producer of YOTV MINI, and then to Executive producer of YOTV. During this time Adelaide was accepted into the Senior Management Course at GIBS, which she completed in 2016, graduating with a distinction and coming 3rd in the class. She was promoted to Head of Unscripted in 2016 and became part of the EXCO team where she is currently Head of Creative and Sales across the company. She is part of the entire journey from Vison to Viewer, starting with the conceptualizing through to pitching, overseeing budgeting to Executive producing. Taking the lead on the productions that Urban Brew studio produces means she is constantly working closely with clients to ensure that what was presented is ultimately what is delivered. As Executive Producer she has worked on LIVE Amp, the biggest music show in SA; YOTV, the longest running youth show; Makoti which holds the record for most viewed Drama series; and Khumbul’Ekhaya, the most renowned reality reunion show; to name a few. She has also been involved with international formats such as Friends like These, that achieved a successful 14-year run, and Top Chef S1. With recent accomplishments being Executive producer for the first Netflix reality series in Africa and the first local content produced on the continent for Zee World. The genres that Adelaide works on range from youth to reality, scripted to entertainment and factual to faith based. Adelaide is a person who enjoys problem solving and is very deadline driven. She enjoys the leadership role she is in and together with her team, thrives on working and learning through the new challenges that this industry offers up. Being a person who enjoys imparting knowledge to others, she also believes that she can help develop and grow her colleagues, motivating and upskilling others, along with herself; because as much as she enjoys personal success, for Adelaide it's rewarding to bring others up with her, succeeding together, creating a strong team that has the same vision as the company. “I always say “I am alive with possibilities” and coming from a semi-rural background has made me appreciate the slow and fast life. I have always had big dreams and goals and don’t know how to give up, even when giving up feels like the only option. I want to make a difference and do it while being the best person I can be. My strengths lie in dealing with people and being creative. I love to learn about and experience new things, constantly looking for innovative and exciting ways to do them. I believe in people and in always giving 150% and doing everything with a smile and good intention.”

FARZANA MAYET: Labelled as a trailblazer who is always incepting new and fresh ideas, Farzana Mayet is the fearless go getter that is not afraid to take risks and considers Panache as her third Baby often burning the midnight oil juggling the many different facets of Panache. It is with this passion that Panache has grown exponentially. She is a true extrovert who believes in the hands on approach so be it an International Bollywood Concert or a Fundraising Banquet Farzana, has always remained as a go to person with an open door policy and freely communicates at any given time with patrons alike. Her humility has often been praised by many who always find her as the CEO so easy to get hold of. Trailblazing as an eloquent events promotor through Panache which was established in 2015 Panache has certainly set the bar in leading as providers of world class entertainment and Events. Specifically designed to enthral audiences of different ages from an array of diverse entertainment such as international Bollywood Live Concerts, Comedy Spectaculars, Extravagant Banquets Kiddies Entertainment and Edutainment and also by proudly being the Founders of the now “INTERNATIONAL” Women of Wonder Awards as well as The Men of Valour Awards. Panache proudly boasts as being the founders of the Shout Against No Violence Gala Dinner .By setting the precedent to perfection Farzana Mayet’s Panache has established itself to become the desirable company known and recognised for its events throughout the years!

LINDSEY KIN: From her former profession as a Journalist covering stories on some of the most influential, infamous, and boldest conglomerates across the globe, Lindsey Kin has now found herself on an international taste peregrination following her MBA studies in Paris. Here, she specialized in Luxury Brand Management within the food and wine sectors. Since completing her MBA, she has delved into the realms of trade and export; education. And, most recently her passion and newest business project Kin in the kitchen, taking in-home dining and private catering providing and delivering love from her kitchen to yours! Lindsey’s world paints a Monet of her infatuation with food and wine, brands and business, and the pieces of opulent life experiences she has collected living nomadically on three different continents in 10 years. And… her dining table is an exhibition of this, always adorned with the “Three F’s: Food, Family, and Fabulous wine!

LOUISE MAXWELL: Louise Maxwell chooses to live to her fullest potential and highest calling. An uplifter, encourager and hopefully inspires other women to step up and action their dreams/calling/purpose. An advocate of full legality of cannabis for recreation, medication, industrialization so that people of South Africa may benefit from all the plant has to offer. Owner of two small businesses Women of weed (Wow) and The Green Hobbit. Wow is a platform for women that enjoy cannabis and provides a space for them to come together and share their journey, businesses and personal stories in a safe non-bias place. Wow showcases local cannabis brands and products, and reaches out to various women led groups to educate and break the stigmas around cannabis. After a few years of studying the plant saw the need for consistent and correctly dosed infused edibles for medical and recreational dispensaries, clubs, and currently supplies the The Green Hobbit range within the local community.

CYNTHIA ROBBINS: Cynthia Robbins is an independent consultant who has been helping to build and lead successful, enduring organizations since she was a student at Harvard and Stanford. Passionate about engaging community to improve social outcomes, she is skilled in organizational development, capacity building and program design for youth and family serving, mission-driven organizations and expert in helping them take lofty missions and good programs to scale. Her work has taken her from winning in the courtroom on behalf of low-income clients to serving as a successful consultant, advocate, funder and non-profit executive, ever in pursuit of justice and better outcomes for communities in crisis, particularly urban, where dense poverty can hide their promise. Either as a consultant, a board member or a staff leader she helps teams to achieve results. For the past couple of years, Robbins has focused intensively on building a new strategy to dismantle structural racism in the juvenile delinquency, foster care and public education systems through the Racial Justice Initiative of TimeBanks USA (RJI or the Initiative). The Initiative’s policy change and advocacy strategy ignites young people and families affected by these systems to join with experts and advocates to demand that government officials use knowledge of what works to co-produce brighter futures filled with opportunity. Cynthia Robbins co-authored: An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Racial Disparity in Juvenile Justice and Deliberate Indifference Meet Alternatives That Work, 13 UDC/DCSL L Rev. 1 (2010) and “Public Notice Forums” Choosing Among Alternatives to Confront the Intent Requirements, Clearinghouse Review (Jul-Aug 2010, Volume 44, No. 3-4). See Prior to becoming a full-time consultant in the fall of 2008, Robbins served as Executive Director of See Forever Foundation (SFF) and Maya Angelou Public Charter School (MAPCS) in Washington, D.C. First as managing and then executive director, she led the school through a period of tremendous growth with a committed focus on its mission to help some 80% of students graduate and go on to college. In less than four and half years under Robbins’ leadership, SFF/MAPCS grew from one high school for about ninety (90) students to five campuses serving 600 students. During Cynthia’s tenure, SFF opened a second high school, an alternative middle school and two campuses serving young people in the delinquency system.

Robbins has led teams at philanthropic and operating foundations dedicated to advocacy, education, leadership support and organizational development as well as a winning civil rights and criminal defence attorney (undefeated in jury trials), adjunct professor of juvenile law. Robbins earned her BA cum laude from Harvard University and a JD from Stanford Law School. Robbins serves on the board of Phelps Stokes and is an active member of its finance committee.

VUYISA KONA: For as far as she can remember, Vuyisa Kona has always been busy creating, things in her head, then reaching out for any material, fabric, leather, anything she could use to pour her heart out, communicating her deepest thoughts and emotions. Kona’s father was artistic, but his trajectory just like hers had detours. He was a teacher by profession but then lost his appetite to pass on an inferior education, and during the height of the armed struggle he started his own business. Kona’s father passed his Leather Works course exactly in 1960 and that was the birth of his belt making factory in the heart of Soweto, Emndeni operating from a rented garage. Kona can remember her father taking her there to experience the whole process of making a belt from start to finish. She recalls the names of the different machines and the phases of belt making as if it were only yesterday. “I took to the process like a fish to water, I must have been about 5 years old. Then the four of us would be given a few belts to go and sell at Ikhwezi station to passer-by’s and that’s how we earned pocket money.” This is a continuation of a dream. Her father was not just a dreamer, but also a visionary whose untimely death was beyond anything she could have fathomed for her life at that time. Her father’s gift was passed onto her and her late brother who went on to be a qualified artist. “We may never have been able to have a collective studio where my brother would paint and sculpt, whilst I would cut and sew alongside my father. But then I believe I have come full circle and I can confidently say it’s almost five decades later. This is truly a continuation of that legacy.” Kona’s creations are not just fashion items, they are pieces of narratives, of art waiting to be told, to be unveiled. Her collection constitutes pieces she has made when graduating some 30 years ago. Over the years Kona has delved into bringing out something new out of something old. Deconstructing, dismantling existing items and creating something different is her passion, and she refuses to conform. “I don’t necessarily start with the end in sight, hence I do not draw patterns. Even if I have a pattern, I never stick to it. My pieces evolve, unfold as days go by in my head, only to come out different from the original idea. In most cases what may even start as a mistake becomes the end product. So the process is quite haphazard but the end is a union of juxtapositions as something different from the norm is always born.” On her first meeting with Lee Phila Kunene of what to call her brand, “I could have picked out any name. So the process was deliberate and well thought out. I narrated a story. I wanted a name that would resonate with the essence of my being. Every opportunity I get, I make no apologies to pay homage and resurrect from the ashes, the life and existence of women in my lineage. Our identity is traced through patriliny, which erases women. We are all children born of parents whose existence could not have been possible without two very important women, paternal and maternal grandmothers. These are the matriarchs deserving of being given the accolades just for their life.” The name Silingo started out as Silinga Kona’s maternal grandmother’s surname before she got married. Silingo the brand is a fusion of four syllables from her maternal grandmother’s surname and three syllables from her paternal grandmother. “MaRhadebe passed on this creative gene to my father. My paternal grandmother’s surname is Ngono , hence, Sili +Ngo =Silingo. All that I am is because of these two great women, SILINGO.”

JENNIFER WHITE: 15 Years’ experience curating healing and investment trips to Africa (Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Egypt, Togo, Benin, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe ) promoting business investment and cultural exchange for non-profit organizations, groups and businesses wanting to expand to Africa. Launched SISTERcircle in 2016 to connect Black women around the world through healing arts and entrepreneurship. Offer a bi-annual Oceanfront Healing Retreat in Ghana (2017, 2019, 2021...) Jennifer White is all about Strengthening the bridges between Africa and her Global Children. She has over a decade of curating travel experiences across Africa for investment groups, cultural exchanges, and all types of people and businesses expanding to the diverse countries across the continent. With a focus on empowering Black Women, she founded SISTERcircle . Through SISTERcircle bloomed Roots and Vine Trading Company -developing trade agreements to initiate increased commerce between California Black businesses and Black South African businesses. Jennifer White brings a first-hand knowledge of what it is like to do business in Africa and how to build successful collaborations.


- TRANSPORTATION ADVISORY CONSULTING: TAC (PTY, LTD): Transportation and freight logistic, South Africa - Transportation and Freight planning Specialist

- SAFIRI (PTY, LTD)-TRANSPORTATION AND FREIGHT LOGISTIC, SOUTH AFRICA: Transportation and freight planning specialist

- TRANSNET NATIONAL PORTS AUTHORITY OF SOUTH AFRICA: Maritime Planning and Development, National Senior Maritime Planning Manager

- MAZISI KUNENE FOUNDATION, DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA (2009 – 2015): Operations Plan Report, Proposal and Grant development, Mazisi Kunene Library Centre


- M2 INTERNATIONAL, INC . (Oct. 1994 – September 2001)

- Aviation planning, Noise Abatement Program, Urban and Spatial Planning, Urban Revitalization Projects, Community Development

Through non-bias debate, the purpose of this year’s ZOOM event is to create dialogue and empower a global female network. Guests will be able to interact freely in a safe space through the sharing of intellect, achievements and the predisposition hardships that they face on a daily basis.

Each and every individual in attendance has a powerful story to tell; your place at the table is ready!


Date : Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Time : 6 p.m. (SAST)


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