Mrs Mathabo Kunene and the Mazisi Kunene Foundation bring you the first annual Makwande Heritage Carnival. The Makwande Heritage Carnival is where creativity, culture, business and concepts make love in an inspiring orgy of self-expression. This culture carnival is all about preserving our heritage, collaboration and community. We have reached out to Creatives and brands to join us as part of the curated participants for the event. This initiative sponsored by the Mazisi Kunene Foundation is a call to all female Creatives and Entrepreneurs to collaborate and find innovative and creative ways to tap into spaces in and around their respective communities. Our Founder Mrs. Mathabo Kunene had an impressive idea to brighten up the Mazisi Kunene Museum building for the coming weekend. It's amazing how a new paint job can totally transform a space.


FRIDAY: 24th September 2021

FROM ROOTS TO TABLE Farmers Market. Bringing fresh seasonal produce grown by female farmers of Amahlongwa Village in partnership with the Mazisi Kunene Foundation Trust.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY 25th – 26th September 2021

The Made In Africa Market. is a platform to trade and network for Entrepreneurs, Visual Artists, Crafters, Designers, Foodies and Farmers. Performers are encouraged to use the platform to market their craft, perform and network. Most importantly the Mazisi Kunene Museum in light of Heritage Month invites the community to a guided tour to celebrate and learn about the heritage of African Literature and Culture .

Donations go directly to performing Artists and ensuring they have the support necessary to flourish.

Visit to join and support the creative community.

The making of First Day After The War Theatre Production. Adapted from the poem titled First Day After the War written by South African Poet Laureate Mazisi ka Mdabuli Kunene.


We heard the songs of a wedding party.

We saw a soft light Coiling round the young blades of grass

At first we hesitated, then we saw her footprints,

Her face emerged, then her eyes of freedom!

She woke us up with a smile saying,

‘What day is this that comes suddenly?’

We said, ‘It is the first day after the war’.

Then without waiting we ran to the open space

Ululating to the mountains and the pathways

Calling people from all the circles of the earth.

We shook up the old man demanding a festival

We asked for all the first fruits of the season.

We held hands with a stranger

We shouted across the waterfalls

People came from all lands It was the first day of peace.

We saw our Ancestors travelling tall on the horizon.

PLAYWRIGHT - Sweety Mbali Ntshangase

DIRECTOR - Menzi Mkhwane

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Mthobisi Mnikathi

MUSIC DIRECTOR - Angel Snengilosi Msane



RESEARCH - Makhosi Khuzwayo

PRODUCER -Ra Kunene & Lee Kunene

Executive Producer - Mazisi Kunene Foundation

Last month Mrs. Kunene and Sister Jennifer White broke down the steps we need to take to “Decolonize our Minds”. If you haven’t watched their powerful session please go to out blog. This month we are delving into our Culture.

We are excited to announce in collaboration with; Sagiya Foundation, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Jazz Day and the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, Royal Women in Coffee, CommuniTEA, Sister Circle, BE LIVE BUKHOMA, Sound and Motion video and photography and the Mazisi Kunene Creative Innovation Centre to brings you: Tribute to a Living Legend – International Jazz Day Celebrating Madala Kunene.

Join us on Sunday May 2nd to enjoy one of South Africa’s greatest music Legends. Rebroadcast 11am -3pm (PST) Get your Tickets HERE .